I want to tell you about my friend Mark. Mark is five and an AIDS orphan from Kenya. He was adopted there by Gottfried and Ruth Hetzer and their three girls. They gave Mark a home. Now the Hetzers serve with us in Namibia. Two years ago their youngest daughter Rahel Lisa was tragically killed when their van overturned on the way home from a crusade in South Africa.
Recently, I received word from a friend that Mark was not well. He was beginning to show symptoms of AIDS. I love Mark. He calls my name out across the yard and smiles his big toothy grin. He is full of joy.
When John is working on the pottery kiln he gets in and acts like it is his fort. "What are you making?" he asks. John tells him it is an oven to cook him in. Mark laughs.

Teachers for Africa

Because of his family's love, adequate medication, and prayer Mark is improving. Unfortunately, this help is not available to most African children with AIDS. Their future is grim. Some of the children we teach do not have much hope in this world. If it's not AIDS, then poverty, war, famine, or illiteracy threaten them.

We bring hope and a revelation of their value in the knowledge of a living, loving God. Our reward is found in the words of Jesus from Matthew 10:42 -

"And whoever... gives to one of these little ones even a cup of cold water to drink, truly I say to you he shall not lose his reward."

Oh yeah, there are the smiles and laughter, the sparkle in their eyes...


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