The Hunters’ and Teachers for Africa Report from Namibia

May, 2006

The Hunters are back in Africa
Summer rains have filled the dams, exotic birds are flocking waist high grasses while the Inguni cattle grow fat and sleek against the now green irridescent mountains of Namibia.

After sharing the story of Community Hope School in the USA amongst friends, family and churches we are happy to report once again the faithfulness of God through loyal people like yourselves who help make the task of educating, feeding, clothing and nurturing 30 very needy children possible.

African Children

Just before Christmas, Teachers for Africa was approved as a non profit organization, surfacing under the name of FACE, Foundation for African Christian Education. This enables us to receive donations here in Namibia while we benefit from not having to pay taxes on things bought for the school.

African School Children

Most businesses and schools close down for the month of December and much of January. At that time we had a long awaited visit from our son Ben and his wife, Grace, and Nanette, our adorable granddaughter of eighteen months. Days were filled with so much fun and awe in showing Nanette some of the wonders of African wild life. We packed in months of memories and pictures that entertain us in the quiet life style we enjoy so much here.

Smiling faces flood my days as I manage the task of caring for kids who have no one. In December we relocated to a larger facility, a church building not far from our previous school. Pastor Nehemiah David has given us space to grow and expand into a full fledged school with a library, classrooms, office space and computer science room. In turn we built new classrooms and renovated old ones and turned the classrooms into a little piece of heaven for these kids. Unlike most kids today they arrive early with such eagerness to learn and will stay until its time to lock up. As more staff joins us we plan to offer after school programs for tutoring, sports and art classes.


Yours in His service,
John Hunter

Teachers for Africa

Whitney and Suzanne
African Childrens


1. Right now we are breaking ground Monday June 12th 2006 to add 2 rooms on one of the existing homes so that Archie and Rome Beukes (teachers at our school) can provide foster care for some of the children at our school whose home was so deplorable we were able to have them removed. So we do need some funds to help with that. We have made over 4000 hollow concrete blocks for this and other buildings we are planning. We need about $8,000 to finish this first project.

African Children Reading

2. We are also starting the Teacher training course on Monday. This is a 12 week introduction to Radical Christian Education. It is very much like the TFN program; the Readers Digest version!

3. The has been a serious outbreak of polio here after 10 years of Namibia being polio free. It has affected the squatters camp right next to the YWAM base and has killed a number of people and many more are sick. This means that thousands are infected with the virus even though they are not showing symptoms which makes it an epidemic. We need to get all the children vaccinated but the vaccine is not available at the State clinics yet only the private ones which is expensive. Apparently we are safe since we were immunized as children but we are advised to get revaccinated as well. The Government plans to vaccinate the entire 2,000,000 people in Namibia. Similar programs are being implemented in South Africa. Children under 5 are especially vulnerable.

John Hunter
Teachers for Africa.

Teachers for Africa is a program on the training campus of YWAM Namibia.
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