The Hunters’ and Teachers for Africa Report from Namibia

Feb 23rd,2005

Dear Friends,
Greetings from Sunny Africa!
We are getting back into life here in Namibia. We had been away for over 6 months. Suzanne and Fara arrived back in January and John in February. It was a long time to be away and that always makes it hard to come back. We all miss our first granddaughter, Nanette, and our kids. It was nice to be able to see Sarah, Jonny and Ben almost every day when we were in Madison. But it is good to be home and to get back to the work God has called us to here. I am still hunting for things like ink cartridges for my printer and getting my office set up. I am making lists of all the things I need to do to get Community Hope School registered a establish a welfare org. here to be the owner of the school. We are putting together a local board of directors here as we launch these ministries. It is a lot of administrative work that needs to be done. I still need to send out more newsletters to new supporters to raise the rest of our budget for the school for 2005.

Community Hope School
I will not leave you as orphans,

Suzanne is at the school every day. It is located in one of the poorest areas of Windhoek. She teaches our 10 grade one students and works with the teachers helping them with their curriculum development. She is very busy with all there is to do with managing a school. Our teachers, Archie Beukes and Sofia Elago are doing a great job. The children are having breakthroughs and learning quickly. They took the kids swimming on Friday. Some kids had never been before. We are learning that teaching these Orphans and other vulnerable children (OVC) in our school is different from teaching children who have had good families. The childrenís needs are greater in many ways. Keep us in prayer.

Our classrooms are bright and cheery and the children all look so good in their new school uniforms at their new desks. We are providing 2 meals a day for them and they all have a hunger to learn. I will be writing a profile of each child as the year goes on so you can pray for their individual needs.


Present balance in USA bank. $9,753.84
Total received. $16,705.11
Known pledges $3,600.00
Total money raised so far (with pledges) $20,305.11
Our proposed budget for 2005 is $36,395
Amount still needed for 2005 $16,090.

So, we are more than 1/2 way there for this year.

Donations for Community Hope School/ Teachers for Africa in the USA can be sent to either:

For tax deductions in USA make checks payable to:Teachers for Africa

Send donations to:
Teachers for Africa
P.O. BOX 2108
LINDALE, TX, 75771

Send donations in Namibia by electronic transfer to:
Foundation for African Christian Education
NEDBANK of Namibia
Windhoek South Branch
Bismarck Street PO BOX 1
Windhoek, Namibia
Branch code: 461-629
Acct # 11000211216

John Hunter
Director, Teachers for Africa

Teachers for Africa

We need to find a new facility for 2006 onwards. That will be something I will be looking for over the next few weeks. Pray that God shows us where he wants us to be. There is a group of buildings that are vacant that were/are govt. offices that we need to look at. We need to relocate in the same neighborhood so the kids can get walk school. No school busses here! We really do need a van for the school. It would help preserve our car which is 12 years old. YWAM recently got a deal on a new van at a discount for about $20,000 USD. It would really help when we have teams from the USA here too. We could rent it to them and use that as a way to make some $ and save them some money at the same time.

FAMILY NEWS AND PRAYER NEEDS: Fara and I have been shooting the bows I brought back . She really likes it. Fara has had a lot of trouble with her stomach. We have had her to an MD and a dietician. She gets pain and nauseous when she eats??? The dietician said that her stomach is getting used to no food and that is not good as she will burn muscle tissue and not fat if she doesn't eat. So we are trying to find things she can eat so she gets back to normal if that is possible for a teenager. Anyway a bland diet seems to help but it is no fun. So pray for her please. She is doing better spiritually or at least she is going to 2 youth groups here, good ones. Johnís back has been bothering him. He fell in Atlanta during an ice storm. Please pray for relief so he can work with out pain. Well Thatís all for now.

In the Fatherís love,

John Hunter
Teachers for Africa.

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